Grand Harvest – “Consummatum Est” CD


1. Sol Maledictor
2. The Harrow
3. No Paler A Horse
4. As The Vultures Descend
5. Crowns To Ashes – Thrones To Dust
6. My Desolate Sea
7. Fatehammer
8. In Memoriam – Magnus Invictus
9. Consummatum Est


Total time : 50:00


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This CD version of “Consummatum Est” comes in an 8-panel matte digipak with a 24 page booklet.
The highly anticipated debut album by Sweden’s Grand Harvest has arrived.

The album
contains 9 tracks of versatile, yet focused, metal music. Moving freely between the borders
of Death metal, Doom metal and Black metal, the band focuses on portraying atmospheric
and ethereal sonic landscapes that, together with the lyrics, will summon emotions and
profound thoughts to the mind of the listener. Pay extra attention to the esoteric aspects of
the lyrics, that perfectly blend with the music and present the different vocal styles, and
Luciferian/misanthropic mindset, of singer and lyricist Dr. Häll.

Once called “Sweden’s most underrated metal band” by the editor of Sweden Rock
Magazine – Grand Harvest show themselves worthy of further attention. The heavy riffs,
the soaring melodies and the sinister vocals on this debut album will convince you of that.

Number of tracks: 9
Length: ~50 minutes
Label: Messor Grandis Productions

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